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"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

The international market is opening up for new environmentally friendly solutions, and use of LNG, Hydrogen and Ammonia is one step on the way and a part of the energy mix to a cleaner energy society. In Many Countries coal and oil are the main sources of energy. However, this picture is changing due to:

A need to diversify energy sources to improve energy supply security


Significant undeveloped gas resources in the region. Many more


LNG terminals are planned, and networks of natural gas pipelines are on the rise


There are national and international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Oil is a more valuable source of raw material to the petrochemical industry


Natural gas pipeline networks are being built and extended. However, there are many areas that still don’t have access. Gas will likely be distributed as LNG, and via small-scale LNG ships and trucks to get closer to the end-users.

Compared to use of Marine Diesel Oil and Heavy fuel oil, use of LNG will give a reduction of CO2 Emission with 30%, and there will be no emissions of NOx and Sox and particles. In many large cities, the environmental issues with large pollution from power stations can be reduced significant by using LNG, or in the future also use of LBG (Liquefied Bio Gas). 

Here we need to go into LNG and Hybrid details at an academic level. Lots of text to stimulate the minds of those that are already working in this area or those that are just curious

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