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Our Mission

Increasingly, today’s energy companies and the robust supply chain that support them will lead the way in addressing urgent social and environmental issues. Corporations are stepping up to play a critical role in building a more prosperous and regenerative economy.

Energy Network Norway consists of several companies that deeply understand their DNA and relationship with a society that is calling out for greener and more sustainable technologies in the LNG and Hydrogen industry sectors.

The network project was initiated by a group of leading Norwegian companies delivering equipment, systems and services in the LNG sector and battery sector. Special focus had been given to Small Scale LNG, hydrogen and ammonia where Norway has played a significant role in the technology development for reduction of CO2, NOx and SOx particle emissions.​

The international market is opening up for sustainable technologies that respond to environmental policies and legislation new environmentally friendly solution, and use of LNG is one step on the way and a part of the energy mix to a cleaner energy society.


"Meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

- Brundtland Commission 1987


We focus on ensuring our network members' products and services are identified, recognized and remembered by global stakeholders in the LNG and Hydrogen industry sectors


We work on solving tomorrow's energy needs and evaluate the challenges and opportunities brought about by policy, economy and technology. Our vast knowledge base can support you in positioning your company for a greener future


Norway has a strong maritime and historical legacy, in addition to being at the forefront of technology development for the petroleum industry 

Culture understanding in new markets

Energy Network Norway's Ambitions


Increase export, delivery of equipment and services from the Norwegian LNG cluster into existing and new markets


Establish stronger alliances between the Norwegian LNG cluster for strengthen the capability for larger international projects

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Share Knowledge about markets and development in the LNG sector in different countries and regions

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Arrange seminars / working meetings in Norway

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Arrange seminars & workshops internationally in different markets

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